Windows 10 Preview , Features, News, Release Date

Windows 10 is upcoming windows update from Microsoft. Microsoft released news about it and we gonna see latest windows 10 operating system in next year 2015. Microsoft also told that they gonna provide free upgrade facility to windows 8  users.

Windows calling Windows 10 for his next update instead of Windows 9 , so it gonna be interesting to see how stuff was added in that update.

Nearly everyone was happy about the return of the Start Menu to Windows 8.1 and it is still there in Windows 10 with Live Tiles integration brought over from Windows Phone..! Even though the additional items on your Start Menu contextual menu could eventually take over your desktop, the size and orientation of the layout is up to you..! The Live Tiles area can include any apps you have on your computer and can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

The Enterprise Technical Preview will only run on machines using an x86-based chip, which means that for now at least it won’t run on the majority of tablets and smartphones, which use ARM-based chips.

Windows 10 Preview Video and Features

Microsoft said that a consumer-focused preview would be arriving some time in early 2015.

The Enterprise Technical Preview will get a lot of the new features which were announced on Tuesday, including the returning (and redesigned) Start Menu, Snap Assist, virtual desktops and the ability to run Metro-style apps on the desktop.

What won’t feature is the new Continuum mode, which allows for easy switching between touch and desktop modes on two-in-one devices.

Peoples are really interested to see Windows 10 , and also started searching for Windows 10 release date or How to buy Windows 10 Licence, Windows 10 Price etc. So, these things shows interest about Windows 10.

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